Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paperback version of The Girl in the Leather Jacket now available

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          And I have to say...it looks mighty nice! Although I made this picture with my Droid phone and the quality of the image isn't all that perfect, this is how they look.
          I am very satisfied with how the printer produced my books. The crisp white pages make the black lettering inside sharp and clear. I am going to do a giveaway in collaboration with Nikki Lipstick soon, and people can win a paperback copy of the book with a matching bookmarker. When I've created those, I'll post a photo of it here, too.
          For information on how to get your own copy if you prefer a hard copy instead of an e-book, click on the "The Girl in the Leather Jacket" tab above and it will take you to TGLJ's dedicated page. Scroll down and you'll find links where you can get a copy. Remember! This book is for a 14+ audience.
          Of Vinegar and Honey: I just got through writing, editing, and formatting Chapter 10 to the Rory and Madelaine saga (Of Vinegar and Honey), and I've uploaded it. It's now available at Smashwords and Amazon for download. Over 12,000 words for only $0.99 cents ain't bad.
          Sad news about my Ranchu: One of my pretty Ranchu goldfish died yesterday. She was a tough one, though. She fought for over two weeks, but she finally gave up the fight even though I did everything I could to help her. I am pretty sad about it.
          I have this powerful antibiotics for my goldies, the only kind of medicinal goldfish food available called Medi-Gold (for diseases like hole in the head {HITH}) and Metro-Meds (general medicated food) by the GoldfidshConnection. They're the creators of this highly specialized goldfish food that can bring back just about any goldfish from death's door - even those suffering the beginning of "pine-coning".
          Anyway, I believe every goldfish owner should get this food and keep it in stock. It's not really that expensive ($16 for 12 oz that lasts forever) and it has a shelf life of about 6 months! It really is a bargain for what it does and it's saved many of my costly exotics (one was $130) time and time again. It's a "must-have" for all goldfish keepers no matter how much your fish costs! Even my giant Oscar fish, Scarr, loves it!

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