Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paperback version of The Girl in the Leather Jacket

has been processed and it's on its way!
          I've just received an e-mail, tonight, that the orders I've placed for the paperback version of The Girl in the Leather Jacket and Equilibrium II: Rebirth, have been printed and shipped. Wow. That's really fast! Not that I'm complainin'. I really do like Createspace! Excellent P.O.D. and distributor, I have to say. The quality of the books are always incredibly good. Three cheers for Amazon that they offer this to us struggling authors so we can offer them to our readers, too. It's always nice to have options.
          As I'm writing this, my obese Pug, Harley, is snoring behind my desk chair. He follows me everywhere and he just sits in the tiniest nooks and crannies just to be close to me.
         Here's a picture of him together with our cream Chow-Chow, Powee Puff. I just call her Puffers, and I call Harley everything but Harley.
        And despite this rather peaceful picture, those two can not get along and they never have! I've had to pull them apart more times than I'd care to remember. Anyway, when I write about Lycans, I picture Powee. You might be able to understand why when you see her. And she's just as vicious toward poor Harlequins (Harley) as any real Lycan! It's because we got Veeg-Veeg (Harley) when he was already three years old. His former family couldn't deal with his constant shedding so they offered him to us for free! Veeg-Veegersens (Harley) was an alpha male all his three years, but Powee had become the Alpha in our home so there were two years worth of dog fighting that - luckily - never translated into anything serious. Whew!

          I also have a cat named Cali-Bastet. I found her one evening when Dionne and I went to Ralphs Grocery store to pick up some items. She was a tiny thing, full of fleas, worms, and starving. This is a photo of her when we just got her.
          She was meowing so sadly among some bushes and I just couldn't leave her. This was back in July last year. Today, she's a spoiled BRAT. I put those Soft Paw acrylics for cats (pink glitter) on her front paw nails so she won't scratch up our furniture (or my hands), and she's been spayed about a month ago when she was going into constant heat! I never knew a queen (female cat) could go in heat consistently until she's mated. Well, NO KITTENS so it was off to the vet the moment her first cycle was over and now she's always hungry and gaining weight! But she's no less active and sometimes I have to put her in her kennel just to catch my breath. When I download the latest photos of her, I'll resize them and post them here so you can see how much she's grown!

          And then there's Elvis, or as I call him, Elvie. He's Dionne's black pug who is about 2 1/2 years young now. He's a real handful! But he's also so adorable and so un-pug-like since he listens and he comes to you when you call him. How many pugs do you know do that? This is a picture of him on Dionne's bed.

          And last but never least, there's Bamberellas. Another rescue animal that's found its way into our hearts and into our home. She's Dionne's Chihuahua that Nick, her boyfriend, rescued from a dumpster when some kids tossed her into it.
           The poor thing had a broken (but mended) rib, and her tail had been broken as well as her front left paw. But she's the darling of the family now and the sweetest dog you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She loves wearing clothes, too! I don't have many photos of her, but I'll ask Dionne to send me some. But at least you can see her here in the kitchen having dinner in her pink polka-dot bowls wearing her red T. That pink thing to your left is her bed where she sleeps in when Dionne's at work and I'm Bambi-sitting her.

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