The Girl in the Leather Jacket

Who is Lola Fox?
              (For Ages 14+) In the affluent City of San Marino, California, a sixteen year old girl learns the secret of her true identity and that of her family.
           In a world of old and new money, mansions, domestic help, and the Valley Hunt Club, the country club that puts the exclude in exclusive, she has always considered herself an oddball and a misfit.
               But on her sweet sixteenth she discovers all those fears she secretly had weren't just a product of teen angst when her parents tell her a secret they had kept from her all her life.
               This dark secret is only the first of many more to come, opening a world to her she could have never imagined possible. And as she navigates her way through this new, and at first fascinating, world, she discovers more secrets and schemes that turn her world upside down and inside out.
            Meet Lola Fox: not-so-sweet-sixteen, half human, half vampire, femme fatale and fierce who is commonly known as the girl in the leather jacket.

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