Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need to redesign a book cover for an upcoming book

          I'm currently writing the second book to The Girl in the Leather Jacket (TGLJ) series entitled, Illuminatus. The thing is, I'd already designed its book cover, but I've suddenly decided I don't like the way it looks. Too dark and too much "sepia". I want a more crisp cover like the first one so they'll look good shown next to each other. And I need to add in the six members of her new group, too, which wasn't in the first one. I guess that's what I'm going to have to do, then.
          I've also opened another blog that's attached to this one, and it's for my more spicier romantica books. You can see the tab above that will take you to it. I don't know why I did that. It's a lot of work keeping one blog updated, but double work keeping them both going. I guess I wanted to make sure they're separate just to keep things real for me. The good thing about being an Indie Author/Publisher is, I can pretty much do as I like so at the moment I'm thinking about publishing all my books (except TGLJ) for readers both 14+ and 18+. My work, except for TGLJ, lend themselves well for this.
          I'm currently finishing Part 10 to my Of Vinegar and Honey series. Then there will be two more parts to write and I can combine all parts, break it down into chapters, and paperback publish the whole thing. I'm amazed it's been such a hit on free sites where it originated and where I've honed my skill at writing full, plot-driven stories correctly. It's an excellent way to get peer reviews and whether or not a story has "legs". Anyway, it's one of my romantica books since there are explicit scenes written in it, but there aren't a lot of them.
          I have so many stories, so many books already in my private library (they all need editing and rewrites, though, since they're all drafts) that I can be busy writing forevah. Anyway, I intend to post them on free sites to see how they take.
          I've had the "pleasure" of giving my Chow-Chow, Powee, and my Pug, Harley, a bath today. It wasn't something I'd planned (since it takes me away from writing and giving a Chow a bath is a tedious chore), but it was necessary. I'm glad I have done it, though. Both Powee and Harley look really good now. At least that's something.

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