Illuminatus ( The Girl in the Leather Jacket, #2 )

Catharina Shields © 2016
All Rights Reserved

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Lola and her new group head for Bel Air to liberate Andy's mother, but a redheaded Vamp swoops in and snatches him out of her Ghia.

A fight ensues and they struggle to free him from the redheaded vamp's talons. Now she understands that they're far from ready to confront dangers of that scale because if they can't even best a regular vampire, how were they going to face the powerful Ridleys?

Forced to postpone the rescue mission, Lola concentrates on training her rag-tag group of witchy-dudes and to get them to get it together, because she's discovered that the formidable Ridleys aren't the only enemies they have and who want them destroyed.

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