Friday, August 8, 2014

Revised book cover for Illuminatus and its release date

I've revised the book cover for "Illuminatus" as you can see in the banner above. You can have a good look at it by clicking the third dot at the bottom of the banner.

I've also designed the book covers for the last two books to The Girl in the Leather Jacket series. When I was redesigning the book cover for Illuminatus, I felt creative all of a sudden and decided to design the book covers for the last two books, as well. Since I know what the books are going to be about (duh - I'm the author), I was able to visualize how I wanted my book covers to look and - voila!

As you can see on the release dates posted on the book cover images in the banner, I finally decided to announce concrete release dates for each book, too. I figured, you've been patient enough, waiting for the next installment after the first book, so it's the least I can do.

I would like to have the last book published by February July 2015 at the latest. But with holidays and all that, well, I can't give a definitive month when it will be finished. Good thing all books can stand alone even though it is a series. Anyway, I figured it was high time I posted something on this blog so, here it is!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Four Chapters to Illuminatus ready for my editors

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I was planning on writing a chapter a day on the second book to The Girl in the Leather Jacket series, but it's been kind of slow going which translates into: that ambitious endeavor is pretty much scrapped. However, I am writing on it, focused on getting it done although life does tend to get in the way.

The good news is, I've finished the first four chapters to Illuminatus and I'll be sending them to my editors today. I don't know how long it will take before I get them back with their suggestions and/or corrections because my editors have lives, too, and they're doing this just to help me out, but I'll hopefully have another four to send to them by that time since the fifth chapter is pretty much done.

As a heads up . . . the story is coming around well. This second book to the four-book series will focus on Lola's newly minted coven, Illuminatus, and of course there'll be some growing pains before it can finally come into its own. Lola is also discovering what it's like to fall in love and discovering that she's developed feelings for not one but two guys who are both vying for her. There's also a traitor in their midst prompting the sudden need to initiate a new member to complete the six members, and Andy is the chosen one. This, of course, isn't going to go over well with the member that's being retired!