Sunday, January 17, 2016

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I'm putting the finishing touches on this second book to The Girl in the Leather Jacket series, and it's going swimmingly. The Girl in the Leather Jacket 2 (TGLJ-2), entitled, Iluminatus, will focus on Lola Fox's new coven and how they gain and use their powers.

The opening scene has the group heading for Bel Air to liberate Andy's mother, but a redheaded Vamp (Lola later refers to her as RedRude) swoops in and snatches Andy out of her Ghia and they struggle to free Andy out of the redheaded vamp's talons.

Lola understands that they're not yet ready to confront dangers of that scale. If they can't even best a regular vampire, how were they going to face the powerful Ridleys? So she postpones the rescue mission in order to help train her rag-tag group of witchy-dudes, initiates Andy into their Coven, and then goes and does a little investigation into who's behind wanting them destroyed.

As I've mentioned above, the story is basically writing itself and it will be ready for preorder in a couple of days! When it is, I'll make a link. Preorders are 50% off of the regular price ($3.99), so be sure to preorder your copy before March 1st! Illuminatus is due out March 1, 2016!

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