Monday, June 24, 2013

Focused on writing the 2nd Book to The Girl in the Leather Jacket series

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It's been a long time in coming, but I'm finally focused on writing - and finishing - the second book to The Girl in the Leather Jacket young adult series entitled, "Illuminatus".

What I like about writing on this series is the fact that I'm writing it in the first person, from Lola Fox's p.o.v. I usually write from a third-person perspective, so this is refreshing and new to me. I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a joy it is to write a novel from this perspective. I never thought it would be this much fun.

I only decided to write the TGLJ series in the first person perspective since it's about Lola Fox and how she sees and experiences her world. It just seemed to be the smarter thing to do; to write the story from her p.o.v.

It's been doing very well, and I've been asked to please hurry with the second segment. So that's what I'm going to do now that I've finished with my contemporary romance for 18-plussers, "For Elise ~ A Romance About the Deepest and Truest Love".

If you're interested, you can find a description of Illuminatus on my official author's website. It's on the Home page near the bottom. So if you're interested, follow the link and find out what's in store for our courageous vampire/human heroine in the second book of the series.

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