Monday, January 9, 2012

Chapter 7 to For Life, New YA series, Equilibrium

Chapter 7 to "For Life" has been submitted for publishing at Fine Stories. Please allow some time before it appears although Fine Stories is pretty quick with publishing stories, unlike other sites I know.
I know this took longer than I promised (approximately one day overdue, but still), but I hope it's worth the wait.
In this chapter, more and more is being revealed that intrigues both main characters, Wolfgang and Danielle, while slowly locking them to one another in curiosity and attraction, silently guided by his patient hand. A series of missing persons events are escalating around Queens, finally catching Danielle's attention, and she begins to wonder just how much she can trust this new employee of her father's business.
I've also been busy working on my new YA urban fantasy and paranormal romance due out by the end of this month. You can see the countdown ticker to your left.
It's about a girl named Lola Fox who lives in San Marino, Southern California, and who just turned sixteen. On her sweet sixteenth, she learns she's not what she had always thought she was, and as a young girl, she finds she's slowly coming into her own with all the pitfalls and mistakes that entails.
To date, I've planned a four book series, but it might be more, depending how I feel.
Also, I'm working on my upcoming Featured Author guest spot for Equilibrium at Lauries Thoughts & Reviews for January 28, 2012. I plan to offer a digital copy in any format. So if you're interested, please click on the name hyperlinked of the site here above and join her blog to win! I wish you good luck!
I guess it's TTFN, because I really need to get back to work! I hope you'll enjoy the latest chapter of For Life, and I hope you'll send me feedback or leave a comment and tell me what you think. 

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